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Advanced Ordering Facility

The On-demand restaurant ordering app development accommodates the facility for placing an order in advance

Users can set their order and schedule the delivery time slot for stores and providers

Else they can request the food parcel to reach them immediately by placing a delivery request

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Cashless Payment & Security

Our restaurant app developers empower cashless payment by adding different methods like an integrated wallet facility

Admin can choose to add as many payment methods as they want- card, wallet, or net banking modes

The integration of secure payment gateways by admin ensures the payment remains secure and fraud-fre

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Multiple Country Settings

Add support for running the business in multiple countries with the single admin panel

Admin has to add all details of the country they serve in- language, currency, cities, Pincode, and more

They can manage the business from the panel and decide to stop serving with a single tap of the button

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Store Registration

Admin receives all the store registration requests and can decide to accept/reject any offers

After the admin approval, stores receive their login credentials to access the store app and panel

The registered stores can upload their menus and add items for sale to help users place orders online

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Personalization Support

System admin can choose the way the system should function and authorize users from the panel

With Restaurant delivery app development solution, Admin can enable or disable the verification and login options as per their needs

Also, they can change the app theme, color, logo, and more to personalize the solution

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Track Delivery Men

The food delivery app developer integrates GPS functionality that helps in tracking deliveries in real-time

Customers can view the status of the assigned delivery man on the live map

Admin can also search and track the locations of all delivery providers from the panel

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Referral Statements

The system admin has the option of adding referral codes to promote app usage

Users can share these referral codes to allow others to register and earn benefits

Admin gets a report of the referral usage, including the user details who used the referral code

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To boost loyalty, provide users with rewards. For example, you can incorporate different discounts, membership options, and referral programs to encourage users to keep using your app. Or you can offer free delivery on every fifth order.

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Social media integrations

Enable users to link their social media accounts to share photos of their food.

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