Key Features

What makes this password manager secure.


Key Features

What makes this self hosted password manager secure?

Multi Encryption

Multi level encryption starting with a client side encryption layer, allowing true end to end encryption for password sharing, followed by SSL and storage encryption.

Open Source

Transparent public audit possibilities of the complete code. Security comes with correct encryption and not by hiding security flaws.

Self Hosted

A self hosted credential manager allows you to host the server on your own and grants you even better access control possibilities. In addition, you do not have to rely on public services for your data.

A List of All Our Features

What Psono offers to the user.


Client Side Encryption

in your browser (more)


Server Pinning

of the server's key


Multilayer Transport Encryption

with TLS 1.2 and Salsa20



of all login forms


Encryption at Rest

of all sensitive information


Basic Auth

gets handled automatically


Password Syncing

across all devices


Password Sharing

securely between users


Multifactor Authentication

with support for Yubikey, Duo and Google Authenticator


Multi Account Support

for websites and applications


Password Generator

for random passwords similar, to our online password generator


Security Report

to audit your passwords, age, complexity and length

Secure Notes

to store other information


to store other information

Password Capture

adds old passwords on the fly

Multi Browser Support

for Firefox, Chrome and Edge

Mobile Support

with a responsive design and apps

Password Export

for all stored secrets

Copy to Clipboard

allows usage for normal applications too

Password Import

for Chrome passwords and other password manager


of users and shares for RBAC

Access Control

Possibility to limit rights on shares.

PGP Encryption

allowing to encrypt and decrypt PGP messages.

PGP Mailprovider integration

allows to encrypt and decrypt gmail, and yahoo mails

Offline Mode

access your passwords even offline

API Keys

allow the integration of passwords in build pipelines or startup scripts.


fire callbacks to specific urls whenever a secret changes in order to trigger automated actions e.g. restart XYZ

Emergency Codes

solve the digital legacy problem in case of emergencies or decease.

History of secrets

Old versions of secrets (e.g. passwords) are stored and are accessible in the history

Broad language support

Psono has been translated in a lot of different languages.

File Sharing

With client side file encryption

High Availability

All components allow to be setuped for HA

Easy integration

Scriptable integration of secrets into your infrastructure

Site-affine Filestorage

IP based routing allow site affine storage access, remote office setups or cloud hybrid setup

Link Shares

Share secrets and files via link with others, even if they don't have an account

Multiple storage backends

Supporting local storage, GCP, AWS, Azure... for client side encrypted files

Password Breach Detection

Detects if a password has been part of a known breach

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