Looking for monitoring servers? Would like to monitor websites and APIs. Monitor SSL expiry and domain expiry dates? Let’s Start!

Powerful features at a reasonable price. Monitor any server, Monitor APIs, Monitor Websites, Public Pages, Status Pages, Incident Reporting. We are monitoring servers by pinging them in a configured interval. Get notifications in multiple channels based on your choice. Slack, SMS, Email, WhatsApp etc

Detailed Uptime Reports

Uptime and server response time reports. Get daily, weekly, or monthly email reports and check website uptime history.

Status Pages

You can create status pages using the app. You can select the servers to be listed in each of the status pages. You have to install an additional app to get status pages in a sub-domain.

Incident Report

You can create incident reporting using the app. Status of the incident can be updated and the customers can track the incident status in an easy way.

Act fast when you server is down, or API or website is not sending expected response.

We monitor servers by pining them in an interval that’s configured. If there is a problem, you will get notified bu email. We store the response time for generating reports, so you can analyze the server response over various time intervals.

Other major features of the app includes SSL monitoring. This section checks the SSL expiry date of number of websites added. So you will see SSL expiry reports of multiple domains in a single place.

Another feature is domain expiry check. This section monitor the domain expiry. So you can add multiple domains and see the expiry date of them in a single place.

Would like to Start?

We are excited to hear from you. We can create an account for you and help you to start it. Send an email to modulespanel@gmail.com, and let’s discuss further.

Would like to add custom features.

We usually develop custom features for our customers as the requirement is always different for each customer. Just send us an email at modulespanel@gmail


We have two version of the app. One is non SaaS and another one is SaaS. You can select the application suitable for your requirement.